An Extended Adventurous Voyage …

On A Turquoise Rose …


Can Anyone Comprehend What’s Happening To Me …

I Can Hardly Comprehend It Myself.

How can I expect for others to comprehend? Each person in this world got their own comprehending to do. No need for my useless expectations.

It’s My Life. Is Happening To Me Not To Anyone Else …

Wow! Your voice resounds within my being. You are manifesting Yourself to me big time! I can hear. I can see. I can sense Your Presence—almost actually touch it. The reality?

Your Victory, Your Favor, Your Love, Your Peace, Your Joy, And Your Matchless, Unbroken Companionship …

You Have Encouraged Me To Go On Despite My Own Thinking …

So? I’m going on. Yesterday? I thought to quit. I wished to die. Today? I am going on. I am now thinking more on publishing rather than quitting.

Let me show you why in the following pages.

Click! Quickly click, click! AN EXTENDED ADVENTUROUS VOYAGE

It’s A New Day. A New Cycle In My Life’s Journey. Another Book Will Begin …

Enjoy! Deploy!

Much love to all. thiaBasilia.

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