You May Not Know This: Sharing Experience Not Theoretical Knowledge …

Am I Cryptic? Indeed! Cryptic Not Crippled I Am …

The Meaning Of Words Can Throw Us To A Loop, No Kidding …

Friday, May 17, 2019 at 5:14 am

My baby daughter is smart, witty, kind, wise beyond her knowledge, and? Comical! From a baby to a now ripe age? She comes up with such remarks that brings up the best in me. Her latest? Quote:

I checked your recents posts.

But sometimes you are so cryptic I’m not sure if you are doing well or not!  Lol

Cryptic? If Well Or Not? Ah! She Didn’t Get It But?…

She got it. I didn’t get it. I didn’t know the meaning of that cryptic word. It sounded to me like ‘crippled’ and? I reacted on the defense. Regardless?

My Daughter’s Remark? The Clue To Address My Readers From Here On …

I been so troubled with atrocious pain and now a mean summer ahead that, I had not been able to check things out, but! Father is in control. So first thing after I iced my painful shoulder?

I Checked The Meaning Of The Word ‘Cryptic’ And? Laughter! Joy Inexplicable! What A Clue …

My baby is on the dot! She more than got it. She politely? Gave me a clue to be more specific for my readers’ benefit. O but what a blessing that child is to me.

Now, What’s The Meaning Of ‘Specific’? WOW! …

spe·cif·ic  (spĭ-sĭf′ĭk)



  1. Explicitly set forth; definite: wrote specific instructions. See Synonyms at explicit.
  2. Clear or detailed in communicating: Be specific when telling us what you need.


  1. Limited, distinctive, or unique: problems specific to small colleges.
  2. Intended for, applying to, or acting on a particular thing: a specific remedy for warts.
  3. Concerned particularly with the subject specified. Often used in combination: “age-specific voting patterns” (A. Dianne Schmidley).
  4. Relating to, characterizing, or distinguishing a species: a specific name.


  1. Designating a disease produced by a particular microorganism or condition.
  2. Having a remedial influence or effect on a particular disease.

Well? What’s The ‘Catch’ Here? Ah! I’m Beginning To Get It, No Kidding …

Yes, mysteriously, my spiritual journey began in 1985. Since then? The mystery of my journey has continued despite my intentions otherwise, but!

Have You Read The ‘Bible’ Or The ‘Torah’ Or The ‘Koran’? …

I beg your pardon, but! Despite all the wise man—the philosopher, the scribe—the scholar, the investigator—the logician, the debater of this present time and age?

Has Any Human Succeeded In Changing One Iota Of The Plan And Intentions Of The Highest Authority Of It All? NAY! WHY?…

AH! Mystery! The mystery of our Creator as well as the mystery of all believers –bond servants of His Majesty. Yes! Our Creator is cryptic big time and so am I, but Why?

Simply. In Science Fiction? Mystery Is The Hook To Keep Readers Coming Back, But! Not So In Fiction Or Reality …

In the reality of the spiritual world that controls the material world? Mystery is the key that locks out the destroyer from destroying The Highest Authority over it all.

No Kidding! The Master Is Now Putting 2×2 Together For Us All …

Me? Not ‘to do’ or ‘not to do list’. No way. All my earthly ways of the past? Don Basilio the advisor is dead for sure. Now?

I Am A Witness For The Advisor Not The Advisor. What A Difference! …

So? What about the ‘cryptic’ slant of my journey? Not my doing. The Father Creator is—has always been in control of my journey. So? What’s next?

The Cryptic Is Becoming Specific About My Journey …

How about that? In the following posts this matter shall come to light for all to enjoy. Me? I shall continue to write, to publish, and to optimize. My Father is doing the rest.

And My Baby Daughter? O Well! She Is Right There By The Father’s Side Egging Me On! …

So be it. Amen. Let be. Be still. Let the Father Creator’s will be done on earth as it is in the heavens.

Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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