Mental Illness? I Am Now Part Of The Solution And Not The Problem…

From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Friday, January 23, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Father, You know about the heaviness in my heart because all the disappointments that come my way on the daily basis.

You know also that, by no means, all those humongous disappointments are about to disturb my total trust and dependence on you.

In spite of it all, I remain at peace basking in the security that no matter what? You are in perfect control of it all! I have nothing to fear!

What a difference it makes my present life in Your Presence from my past life groping alone in the valley of death that this world amounts to be!

Yes, I was groping alone when it was not necessary for me to do so because You, my Master were there all the time waiting for me to get off my own horse and mount up to You like the eagles mount to the sky!

Regardless, in the economy of our lives You do not waste a minute, but, You use all our lapses to teach us obedience by the things we suffer while riding our own horse of whatever seem good to us!

And now my Father, I see in this Blogging 101 that You are opening a door to share my testimony of Your Presence and Your work that You have and continue to do within my being.

Thus in response to a visit from the sparkonit site. I wrote the following comment that did not make it I guess because of the length of it!

So, I take it my Father that You are giving the opportunity to share this testimony not jus in one site but for all the bloggers in Blogging 101 to benefit from my testimony.

And so, I am posting the comment in my blog for all to benefit from my testimony of my past tumultuous life against the life of peace & contentment that are now live in Your Presence!


Here is my two cents in this matter of emotional insecurity 🙂

I was born in 1939 and I had my first mental breakdown in 1974, the second one in 1985 and in 1995 I was given electric shocks that almost destroyed me completely. Before 1995 I was not willing to take medication, but, from 1995-2007 out of physical pain that was attributed to my mental depression,  I submitted to medical treatment.

Such treatments entitled weekly visits with Phycologist & monthly with Psychiatrist. I tried all the therapies that there are to apply plus abide by the doctors instructions 100%. Joined especial groups and clubs with individuals in my predicament –the whole nine yards! Why this medical history?

To let you all know that I know all about this field more than the experts do, even the best that treated me would tell me, ‘You are helping us more than we are helping you!” Why? Because these doctors saw the work that the Almighty Creator of our beings was doing in my life since I shared my life—my testimony with them!
Even so I was under heavy medication at the song of near $1000.00 monthly! Then in May 2007 I was rushed to the emergency room at the point of death as the result of the medications.Then in September of that year of 2007 Bingo! Yahushua stepped into my life and spoke these words to my heart:

“You are no longer serving Me because you are too busy serving your community. Your spirit is sleeping and your mind is dull with all those medications that you are taking, thus you cannot hear me!”

Immediately! I got up and flushed every pill in the toilet, wrote a letter of resignation to my senior companion position and cancelled all my medical appointments and gained the label of ‘insane’ for sure!
Every member of the family and friends were waiting for another mental breakdown for sure! Instead within 1 month my physical health improved 100%!
Then 1 year later my Father called me to go to the Lost Sheep of Yisrael and without checking dates I needed to visit my doctor for a clean bill of health to leave the country.

When my doctor saw me her eyes nearly pop up of the sockets while she exclaimed opening my chart, “Ms. thia! Exactly 1 year ago today you were at the emergency at the point of death and look at you now! Nearly 100 lbs. less and no more edema!” Lab work had to be done to confirm my good health, it came out flawless!

My friends, at that time, following the advice here given I would share all my problems with my friends, and, I even had an open line to my psychologist to help me cope with my so called illness!

But guess what? Now, I do not bother any of my friends loading them with my heavy bags because I no longer have to carry those bags.

I am now part of the solution and not the problem. Whatever troubles me, and there is much to trouble anyone that have a couple ounces of intelligence, but now, I take it all to my Master in the journal of my daily life in His Presence—He is the only One who has the power not only to heal us but also to maintain our health permanently!

Check me out if you would,

His love in heart for all, thia/Basilia

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