Positive Thinking & The New Age Philosophies? Such Monsters Rule This World At The Moment!

am i supposed to be impressed


I can only said, “Behold! The arrogant ignorance of the human mind! Am I supposed to be impressed?” Thus, I have misgivings about posting this, but, post it I will, regardless!






From My Presence in My beloved Thia’s journal—A dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/ Yahushua!

Monday, January 19, 2015 at 3:44 pm

Okeydokey! This is the journal of my daily living in the Presence of our Father/Creator and I make no apologies for it.

Even so, my heart sinks because, to be realistic, I have serious doubts about waking up anyone’s interest to live in the Presence of a Father that it is only an illusion to most all the best people that I know.

Furthermore, let me explain the grounds for my doubts. The reality of this matter becomes evident to me as I follow several of the blogs and read the headlines and testimonies that are captivating the public’s attention.

Truly, the Mighty Being and Creator of our beings does not figure in such an arena for the most. And I know now that in my heart there is a Mighty Spirit grieving when I read the most powerful articles captivating the attention of the bloggers in Blogging 101.

And I will quote an excerpt of one of the articles not to endorse it in any way but only as an example to explain where I am coming from and what my Master aims to accomplish with my blog in Blogging 101.

My blogging will become interesting to anyone if anyone would fancy to be visiting me in my own private quarters to get really acquainted with me and observe first hand what I mean by living in the Presence of my Father.

My heart’s desire is to share my life in the Presence of our Father and to have others share their lives with me, but, of such being a possibility? I don’t know! Why?

Ha! How can I compete with Positive Thinking & the New Age philosophies? I cannot. Such monster is making his real appearance in articles similar to the one I will quote for an example to show that, in the reality of such world, man or self is their own god and, that’s what people wants now and have wanted from the beginning of time!

Actually, the whole Net is taken by the heroes of Positive Thinking & the New Age philosophies and there is not a least chance for me to even rate in such competition!

Thank goodness though! For absolutely, I do not depend on myself at all! I blog and I create web sites strictly for, by and to the honor of the Almighty Being/Sole Creator of the whole Universe and of our beings, and, what I do or say or proclaim is all His business not mine! 

Who can dare to argue with such a fact of facts as this stand of mine? No beef to me whether they dare or not, but, like the hilarious saying of that young man in deebooWORKS, Greetings humans Follow me or die, I, too proclaim something similar.

Only my saying is not at all hilarious! My saying is a solemn warning from our Loving Creator. Follow the Almighty Being/Sole Creator of the whole Universe and of our beings, or, for sure, no joke or threat, but, reality of realities and a solemn warning: follow Him or spiritually speaking DIE! Such is not an alternative to be chosen by anyone with a couple ounces of common sense!

In essence what I am saying is this, yes, as a human being I am tempted to follow the crowd in the worlds of Positive Thinking & the New Age and come with some dandy & beautiful words to elevate the ego of mankind, and, I could win the prize because I am not only gifted to write beautiful words but also I have lived and been delivered from quite a colorful life similar to the lives I have read about in this course!

Even so, the aim of my Master is not about elevating the ego at all! The aim of my Master is to wake up mankind to realize that their ego is not really who they are and to quit pampering it! Why?

Because it is not the will of my Master or the Almighty Creator of our beings that anyone should perish or die! All this said, let me expand this matter even further.

This thing of heaven and hell and fear of dying or of missing one and gaining the other is not really what the Almighty Creator of our beings is all about.

Indeed! Quite the opposite is the truth. Our Creator is a loving Creator—He created us out of His desire to have a family to love and be loved by a mutual understanding of each other.

I do not understand all the implications of our creation, but, this part about our Creator being a loving Creator is something that I have experienced all of my life and the reason why I have always cringed at the sound of the voices of doom & damnation!

But we all have been bamboozled into all those evil concepts that we have a deity out there ready to either bless or curse us to hell should we not mind Him!

Such is a total misconception ingrained in the human mind by the unseeing evil being that rules this world and goes by the name of Satan.

In addition, this evil being by name Satan has managed to produce a whole world populated by mostly skepticisms in all its faces. And so, the sceptics do not believe in Satan and to them it is all nonsense!

Thus, Positive Thinking & the New Age has come to be supreme for the great majority of human beings including all religious human beings!

Even so, after reading this post I hope to wake up the interest of any blogger who would like to at least give me the benefit of the doubt and take an interest in the life that I now live in the Presence of our Father/Creator.

No! I am not a wacko out there claiming grandiose ideas about whatever God concept anyone is programmed to believe in!

Indeed! I have no beliefs! What I have is a genuine relationship with the Almighty Creator of our beings and I make no apologies about it.

Then, without bragging or padding my own back, the truth of the matter is that it is a lot of fun to get to know me! Why? O well, that is the answer that you can only get when we all get together outside of the box of Positive Thinking & New Age deals!

Here it is! New Age in practice at its best! Beautiful testimony shinning with much truth, but, not all that shines is gold!



Because I lost myself, I killed myself. My false self. I became enlightened through addiction. I found out what was important. It was like in the Grinch who stole Christmas when the Who’s down in who Ville have all the presents ripped away from them. They still sing, and they learn what Christmas is truly about. Alcohol was my Grinch, and although I am sad about the pain, I would not change a thing. The thing I am most grateful for is my alcoholism, drug addiction, and my recovery. Thank you alcohol, my Grinch.

“Wake up, wake up, it is time to go!” Words we wait for, words I waited for my whole life. My wife says the words to me. It is time to wake up. It was time, it was time for my only son to be born. Inside my head, the thinking was this, “God I hope this is over so I can get a drink, this cannot be real, and she is just faking it. This is ridiculous, I need to be able to drink tomorrow, it is Saturday, and I want to golf and drink.” This I did. I missed the first week of his life. Then when he was a week old, after I had sworn off drinking and drugs, we were at a huge family gathering. I drank, and did drugs. I was driven to the hospital and I ran. I was run down by my 240 pound brother in law. How he outran me on that day I will never know. He was the tortoise, and he won the race. It was the most important race of my life, and I had to lose. Thankfully, he ran me down and drug me into the hospital. Then, I began to “wake up.”

It wasn’t one aha moment. It is a continual process, 1 step up, 2 back. Constantly learning, like an infant. Because that is what you are. You are being re born.

When she said, “It was time to wake up.” She was right. In more ways than one.

I now know what life is about, what is important. I know the reasons why we say do not judge people. I have seen the true power of love. The true power of forgiveness. I have seen magic. I have seen what it feels like to be at the end, with nowhere to go, and people thinking you are some monster. Being annihilated brings a sort of freedom that I can not explain.

I have seen how we get caught up in money, in things. I know the emptiness we feel, yes we are empty, but we are all part of one, we belong to each other, to the earth. We must love each other. Little things do not disturb me, my thoughts are just that, thoughts. I let them pass. It is ok to feel emotions, they are a sign. I finally decided to be my true self, the one I was hiding for so many years. The one that wants to love everyone and tell everyone how great they are. The one that writes, and finds beauty in every moment. The one who talks openly about everything. The one who has let go of what the results are. The one that just puts himself out there. And you know what, I do not need a substance to do that. I never did, that was an illusion.

Others still try to push that true self down. They benefit from the false self I created. However, recovery taught me about resentments, and cleaning my side of the street. I have learned to love myself, to have gratitude, to have affirmations and meditation. To have a good group of people that you trust. Do not be ashamed if you relapse. Shame creates isolation, and fear, and depression. Be open, it will likely happen, learn from it and it is not a mistake. It then becomes a learning experience.

My Ex-wife is back with me, our family is back. We live a humble life. We teach love. I see people for who they are, I see the good in them. I refuse to push this true self down.

Others pushed him down before, that is where the drinking came in, because it helped bring him out. Now I sing out loud, act goofy, play, speak my emotions, love, and let the thoughts go.

I am at peace. And it is all because of my addiction and recovery. There was pain, but because of the pain came great joy. It was like getting a second chance at life, it was a rebirth. I got to find out who I am, and I still do that every day. Every moment builds on the new me.

My son was born, and a week later, so was I. “Wake up, it’s time to wake up.”

Thank you addiction.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

“No one saves us but ourselves….??? “ I can only said, “Behold! The arrogant ignorance of the human mind! Am I supposed to be impressed?”

 His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


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